Restoration of opacified polycarbonates

Let's give your headlights new life!

Headlights are essential for road safety: if they are dull or yellowed, they lead to poor visibility, thus putting your safety and that of other drivers at risk. This happens because they are exposed directly to sunlight and various atmospheric agents; consequently the hard coating of the lenses wears and becomes opaque, becoming covered with a yellow and encrusted patina. It is precisely this corrosion of materials that makes lighting and appearance less efficient.

To solve this problem it is not necessary to replace the headlight or the polycarbonate, by means of a multi-step sanding and the reapplication of the new transparent protective your lights will be shiny and perfectly functional again!

Plastic and polycarbonate can in fact be polished until the surface is smooth, almost as if the headlight were new!

Sometimes it happens that the polycarbonates become opaque or stained inside, thanks to our skills we can unglue the lights and thanks to the possible collaboration with the best professionals to restore them even inside, thus eliminating annoying stains, peeling and yellowing!

Trust a professional  experience!

N.B. The treatment does not resolve in most cases the crystallization of polycarbonates visible as cracks or small dots.