These Conditions of Sale govern the purchase contract between "Total Tuning Venezia" - hereinafter referred to as the "Seller" and the customer in order to purchase the products published on the website www.totaltuningvenezia.it.

The customer, with the electronic confirmation of the ORDER SUMMARY, declares to know and unconditionally accept the General Conditions of Sale and to fulfill all the obligations set forth therein towards the Seller.

For this reason, the Customer has the obligation to carefully examine them, providing for their printing and conservation, according to the provisions of the art. 50 and following of Legislative Decree 206/05.

The Seller considers herself authorized to modify or integrate these general conditions of sale at any time, also in consideration of any regulatory changes, without having to give prior notice thereof. These changes will be binding for customers only from the moment they are published on the website www.totaltuningvenezia.it, and will not have retroactive effect


The Seller will not be able to process orders for products that are no longer available at the time of the order. In this case, the order itself will not be processed and the reasons will be communicated by e-mail or other direct channels. In this case, the purchase contract will not be concluded, therefore the Seller will return to the customer the amounts that will have come into his possession with reference to the non-completed purchase contract. The Customer does not have any right to claim for damages, nor to any liability for direct or indirect damage to persons or things caused by the non-acceptance of an order, even partial.


Payment for the ordered goods can be made in the following ways: 

  • Through PayPal payment in advance, all the data to make the payment are shown in the final email of the purchase procedure. The reason for payment must include the number and personal details of the order holder. Any discrepancies between the data communicated by the Customer in the order and the data entered on the payment could cause delays in the acceptance of the order by the Seller.
  • By advance bank transfer, all the data to make the transfer are shown in the final email of the purchase procedure. The reason for the transfer must include the number and personal details of the order holder. Any discrepancies between the data communicated by the Customer in the order and the data entered on the bank transfer could cause delays in the acceptance of the order by the Seller.


Shipping times vary according to the products and finishes and will be specified with the FINAL ORDER CONFIRMATION that the Seller will send to the customer for the completion and conclusion of the order. We remind you that all the lights are modified to customer specifications and that no item is ready for delivery except where express.

Shipping times are indicative, therefore no responsibility can be attributed to the Seller for early or delayed shipment, as the causes are not directly attributable to it. The goods are shipped to the destination indicated by the customer and indicated on the FINAL ORDER CONFIRMATION. Periods of absence at the address indicated or other communications useful for delivery must be communicated in the notes field of the order, in order to avoid unnecessary costs of reshipment or storage, which will in any case be borne by the recipient. The goods are shipped to the destination indicated by the customer and indicated on the "ORDER CONFIRMATION" via national and international couriers, suitably packed and complete with transport document or accompanying invoice. The relative cost is already included in the price of some products on which "free shipping" is highlighted and on others it will be calculated automatically at the time of purchase after specifying the relative destination. In the event of non-delivery, a second delivery attempt may be made based on the carrier or, if necessary, the goods will remain in storage at the customer's disposal. In case of refusal of the package, the seller does not assume, for any reason, any costs of storage of the goods or those relating to the return, nor is it obliged to reimburse the amount spent. For this purpose, the customer must specify, on the PURCHASE ORDER form and note, all the information requested by the Seller in order to eliminate this useless increase in costs.


    Upon delivery of the goods, before signing the waybill that the operator carrying out the delivery will ask to sign and before accepting the package, the Customer is required to verify: 
  1. That the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document. In the event of a discrepancy, collect the goods anyway and report the number of packages actually collected on the waybill. This discrepancy must be communicated immediately, via email, or Whats'app to the Seller.
  2. That the packaging is intact (not wet, laundry, folded or otherwise) and not altered even in the closing tapes. In the event of evident breakage, damage or tampering with the packaging, the customer must write in detail on the waybill, SPECIFIC RESERVE OF THE GOODS DUE TO THE DAMAGED PACKAGES RECEIVED, and immediately notify it via email or Whats App or other direct channels. to the Seller and collaborate with it by providing the requested photos and documents.
  3. Moreover, for the purpose of protecting hidden damages caused by transport, it is advisable to always report on the consignment note the words "WITHDRAW THE GOODS SUBJECT TO INSPECTION" even if the packaging is intact and without any alteration. Any hidden damage detected must be communicated to the Seller within 01 days of receipt of the goods, by email or Whats App with detailed photos of the package, packaging and product with waybill and all the requested information. Any notification received after the above terms will not be taken into consideration as the claims processing and opening times with carriers have very strict and binding rules


If the customer accepts the goods and signs the waybill without making the necessary reservations, he will not be able to claim any shortages or damage, as the signing constitutes verification and acceptance of the conformity of the product and packaging.

In any case, if the customer has chosen uninsured shipping by express courier, he will not be able to make any claims against the seller in the event of hidden transport damage. In any case, the seller will be available to collaborate to repair the damage where possible because no customer will ever be "abandoned".

In any case of insured or uninsured shipment, the customer is required to actively collaborate in solving the problem by providing photos and all the information requested in order to activate the claim and damage request procedures to the carrier. A non-cooperation of the customer will lead to no refund or return. In no case will the seller make partial or total refunds of the damaged goods before having been paid for any damages by the carrier, as the damages are not to be attributed to the seller but to the carrier.


It is not possible to return the product without collaborating with the seller and without providing the requested information if it has arrived damaged, but the damage compensation procedure must be followed and activated. The seller is not responsible for the times necessary to compensate for damages and is not required to supply a new product to the customer as the damage does not depend on his work.

If this does not happen, the Seller can refuse the withdrawal and therefore the replacement of the material.

All transport costs for the replacement, both those for the return of the damaged goods and those for the replacement, are charged to the customer. The replacement of the goods will take place in the shortest possible time. Under no circumstances will returns of goods on delivery be accepted. Any notification received after the above deadlines will not be taken into consideration.


The products have a guarantee for lack of conformity which varies from 1 to 2 years according to the product chosen.The customized lights have a 1-year warranty on painting, sealing infiltrations, angel eyes, led strips, lenticulars, demon eyes and any aftermarket component installed by "Total Tuning Venezia", ​​in no case the seller is liable for malfunctions or deterioration of the lights such as for example polycarbonate crystallization, breakage of electric adjustment motors and any of the original parts of the light not installed by the seller.The Seller guarantees that the goods sold comply with the declared characteristics and with the requested customization and that they are suitable for the use for which the object is to be used. (all lights are race use only).Any faults or defects of the product delivered with respect to what was agreed must be reported by the customer, under penalty of forfeiture, within 10 days of discovery of the defect, after which the seller is not required to respond.The deadline for reporting defects and/or manufacturing defects of the goods that are apparent starts from the day of delivery of the products.The warranty for customized lights is carried out only by repairing the damaged component, or by sending the defective lamp where possible, THE SENDING OF A REPLACEMENT LIGHT IS NEVER PROVIDED.The repair is always carried out on the defective light and as per the previous paragraphs, the return shipping costs are always charged to the buyer unless otherwise agreed.The guarantee is excluded in case of damages attributable to an anomalous use of the product by the purchaser or to local environmental conditions of the purchased good such as, by way of example but not limited to, high humidity, overheating of the engine compartment, temperatures and exceptional or unusual weather conditions or improper use by the purchaser such as poor maintenance (cleaning with improper products or means) or use that is not suitable for the characteristics for which the object is to be used.The Seller does not recognize the following events on its custom handcrafted lights under warranty and as a reason for dispute:- Fogging, condensation from sudden changes in temperature, stains due to vapors and dust.- Defects typical of a handmade craft product.-Not a perfect match of the chromatic shades of the models on the site

The relative transport costs for the replacement, both those for the return of the goods and those for the replacement, are charged to the customer.

Right of withdrawal

This right consists in the customer's right to withdraw from the purchase contract, return the purchased good and to request a refund of the price paid only by motivating the reason for the withdrawal which must be sensible and reasonable.Under no circumstances can the customer decide to return the goods to the seller without an agreement having been reached between the parties, the seller can refuse the package and is not responsible for the shipping costs incurred or for the storage costs. Any parcels received without consent but accepted and collected by the seller will be paid once the goods have been resold without a time limit.It will not be possible to exercise the right of withdrawal and request a refund for defective products with special measurements and/or finishes made to measure for the customer.Example: customized lightsThe art. 59, letter c) of the Consumer Code eliminates the right of withdrawal in cases where the goods sold have been made "to measure" or "personalised" based on the choices of the end customer.Based on the art. 5 paragraph 3 of the aforementioned Legislative Decree, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in the case of supply of made-to-measure or clearly personalized goods.The rationale of the rule is to avoid that a product produced following the specific requests of the consumer, created from scratch specifically at his punctual request, is then returned to the sender without reason, putting the company in difficulty due to the impossibility of reselling the same to third parties, to regenerate it or to find a new market on which to place it.

In any case, the seller is always available to solve any problem or situation with the customer by coming to terms with him as much as possible.

Seen, understood, read and accepted.