Giulietta Full Led Bi-Led blacked

New DEPO projectors customized for Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Quantity: 2pcs


  • New Depo headlamps with electric beam adjustment
  • Matte or glossy black paint 
  • Projectors 3" Full led Bi led (low beam-high beam)


Fitting the projectors is very simple, just remove your old projectors and install the new ones by simply reconnecting the original plug.


The 3" projectors ensure excellent visibility at night thanks to the dual function low-beam system which allows an immediate dazzle like the original projectors of well-known car manufacturers.

Furthermore, all beam projection adjustments will remain unchanged, both the electric one inside the passenger compartment and the manual one on the headlight, allowing perfect adjustment of the light beam, avoiding dazzle and incorrect projections.

P.s depending on the additional modifications there may be additional connectors to be connected between the projectors or to the battery.

Race use only

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